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"The outcome of the child is more important than the outcome of the game... "

How many players can a head coach bring in with him or her at next season's registration?

Maximum 4 players. Only 2 of the 4 can be pitchers or catchers (so 2 pitchers or 2 catchers or "1 pitcher and 1 catcher"). Coaches who do not bring pitchers and catchers will be able to secure them through the pitcher-catcher draft process or random league draw. All other players on each team are assigned by random league draw, taking into account city residency requirements, age, experience, draft picks and girls who are linked together by parents at registration.

Sponsor Placement Privilege: A team sponsor may place a girl on a team with a specific coach in addition to the maximum 4 that the coach brings in. The girl may not be a pitcher or catcher. The sponsor (not the coach) must request that the girl be assigned to the coach's team.

How many players can be linked together on the same team by parents? 

Maximum 4 players can be placed on the same team by parents at walk-in or mail-in registration. The registration forms must be submitted together showing the linkage on each form.

Can Parents request a specific coach for their daughter? 

No. Coach requests are not allowed. CGS has many excellent volunteer coaches in each division and girls will be assigned to a team & coach according to league rules.

My daughter left her _______, do you have a lost and found? 

Yes, If something is lost or missing please contact a board member under the armada and they can check our lost and found shelves. 

What equipment does my daughter need to get started?

Each player will need a helmet(with chinstrap), Bat and glove. Coaches bags are supplied with bats that can be borrowed as well. 

How do I know which division I should place my daughter in? 

Place your daughter in the division that matches her age at January 1st. For instance on January 1st she is 8 she would be in 8U.

Does CGSL have shirts or apparel we can purchase?

Yes, all our apparel can be found on